Vietnam Authority Arrests Three Khmer-Krom Women

On May 13, 2013, at 4pm local time, the Vietnamese polices of Soc Trang province arrested three Khmer-Krom women at Prey Chop commune, Lai Hoa village, Vinh Chau district, Soc Trang province. These women are:

1. Mrs Lam Thi Xang Lan, born 1957
2. Mrs. Ly Thi Danh, born 1970
3. Mrs. Ly Thi Sa Bon, born 1965

No one knows where Mrs. Lam Thi Xang Lan and Mrs. Ly Thi Danh are being imprisoned. Mrs. Ly Thi Sa Bon is being imprisoned at the prison of Vinh Chau district, Soc Trang province.

According to the villagers at the Prey Chop commune, these three ladies relate to Venerable Ly Chanda whom were threatened to be defrocked by the Vietnamese authority last March. The villagers believe that the Vietnamese authority accused these ladies of supporting Ven Ly Chanda who was participating with other Khmer-Krom Buddhist monks at Prey Chop temple to demand Ven. Thach Houl to resign on March 3, 2013.

Venerable Thach Houl is an Abbot of Prey Chop temple, a member of the Vietnamese Communist Party, and also a member of the Vietnamese Congress. Ven. Thach Houl used to use his power as the Vietnamese congress member went to Ta Set temple to defrock Ven. Ly Sol in 2011. Lately, Ven. Thach Houl forbids Ven. Ly Chanda to teach Cambodian and Buddhism at his temple. The Buddhist monks at Prey Chop temple couldnot stand with what Ven. Thach Houl has done, so they demanded him to resign. With supported by Vietnamese authority, Ven. Thach Houl is still the Abbot of the Prey Chop temple.

The villagers also suspect that Vietnamese authority arrested these Khmer-Krom women to put pressure on Ven. Ly Chanda to confess his alleged crime and self-defrock.

For their safety, the anonymous villagers urge the world community to ask Vietnamese authority to release these women. The Vietnamese should not use these women as a pressure to defrock a Khmer-Krom Buddhist monk who just wants to practice his religion peacefully. The villagers also urge the Vietnamese government to stop silent Khmer-Krom by arresting because they stand up to support for justice and basic rights.

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