Canada Temple on Khmer Krom Issue

Original report by RFA Translated by KKFYC 9 July 2007 Monks and Members of Orng Hsu pagoda in Montreal Canada have made an appeal to Cambodia and the Vietnam government to respect and stop oppressing the religious freedom of Khmer Krom monks. The proclamation was made after receiving recent news and evident about the oppression from Vietnamese government and authorities toward Khmer Krom monks on practicing religious freedom. Those including prohibiting monks from went taking offered food from Khmer Krom followers, suppress the practice of free speech, defrock Khmer Krom monks as well as imprison them. Mr. Seng Blong, President of the Orng Hsu pagoda Committee told RFA about the goal of his committee: Mr. Seng Blong: We want to support the appeal of Venerable Sakhorn for using a peaceful method of demonstration [and believe that] is the right way to demonstrate and we will win at the end. We want to ask religious leaders and Khmer religious leader sto stop suppressing peaceful demonstrations of Khmer Krom [demanding] for their right. Mao Sotheany: As you are living in Montreal, what else do you know regarding monks who that reside in Cambodia as well as in Vietnam? Mr. Seng Blong: We know about the suppression toward our Khmer Krom monks merely for going to received food offering from Buddhist followers that have deep root in our culture in Kampuchea Krom. As a result for stand up for their rights, many monks have been defrocked and some have been imprison till this day. Mao Sotheany: Beside from making the appeal, do you have any other step to helpKhmer Krom monks in Kampuchea Krom? Mr. Seng Blong: The step is just pledge to all who love peace, peacefully fight to freed people in the motherland; to have the country govern in the right way, and justice for everyone; and to ask for all compatriot who are peacefully fighting for freedom have the courage and bravery to stand up for the life and happiness of our people back home. Read RFA coverage in Khmer

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