Dare to speak

Tep Vong, Non Nget and their clown work behind the back of Cambodian government and Cambodian people to serve their master – Vietnam I would like to express my sincere greetings to our compatriots in Kampuchea Krom, Cambodia and around the world. We are all very shocked and ashamed at the actions of the monk, Khmer names Samdech Song, to maintain Khmer Buddhism, especially in the name of the Kingdom of Cambodia “King, Religion, nation”. Khmer -Krom has gone through great hardship and oppression under the communist Vietnam day and night for decades. We have preserved our tradition, culture, language. We are honored to hear from the King and government of Cambodia say “Every Khmer will become Khmer including Khmer-Krom while crossing border.” Today, that dream is just an empty dream. We have no border to cross because we do not see the Cambodian border any longer. Is there any? We do not see a border, any actual text. All that we have seen are: our Khmer-Krom get beaten, murdered while others are forced to change their birth place and name if they want to stay. They tell us not to worry about it, nobody will force you, kill your, defrock you, Khmer and Khmer-Krom, we are “one”. The friendship and development economic and culture exchange with the two countries, Cambodia and Vietnam is very impressive progress these days, so impressive and yet unbelievable! They do not need to have border to cross or for us, Khmer-Krom, see no border, because the two are melt blood and flesh since when no one know. As a non-government organization speaking for Khmer-Krom, we have made every possible effort to engage Vietnam and Cambodian to negotiate on the future of the Khmer-Krom. In this endeavor and must take action, we are greatly encouraged and inspired by the support we have receive from any governments, parliaments, non-governments, the King of Cambodia (thank for his sympathy) and public through out to the world. We appreciate their concern, sympathy and support towards the plight of Khmer-Krom people. Our non-violent freedom struggle will continue. We heard our Khmer Krom people’s voices, one that is filled with pain and hurt. Our goal is for freedom and such freedom must be protected. The Vietnamese communist government and its clowns in Cambodia, namely Meat Tep Vong, have taken definitive steps in attempts to shut down our struggle with its massive evil system. They are expanding to Cambodia and attempting to flush out our Khmer Krom. Our non-violent struggle will continue to be pursued despite the fact that the VN and Tep Vong and most of these VN servants admit that they do not know what they are talking about. The Khmer people know full well what their goals are. They talk about their guilt and sin, and told us clearly who their master is. “They use force to cover their fear and soon the enemy’s fear will fall in the hands of people” T.Thach

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