Will History Haunt Us Again?

Our people compatriot must stop the present leader let our country plunging again and again. The Khmer leader must learn our history well before thinking to lead this nation. Remember Kampuchea Krom? Remember Prey Nokor? A primary example is the Ho Chi Minh. First, they asked our king to give them the place to train their troops; then ask to stay for safety, and then ask to give, then no tax and so on. Now, there is something wrong again. WHY does it feel wrong to give over one hundred thousand acres of our sacred land to VN army forces? Think twice and must we have people involved in this matter? Who else, the VN private companies – another offer land (Dei Sambathean)? Do Khmer people keep quiet in this case and let the government give away free land to VN? Do you see all Khmer farmers with no land and also those that are greedy and selfish help their master to take from the poor as well or do they actually think Cambodia already belongs to VN; so just sell it before it is too late for them? I would like to appeal to all Khmer abroad in the third country – please do not afraid that you cannot go to visit the country or your family; be afraid that we will have no country to visit. The way Vietnamese took our land (Kampuchea Krom) is just the way they are doing to Cambodia now. It will not be long before, we, Khmer, have no country to visit and also have no country to call our own. Millions of Khmer people were killed and will continue to get killed no one of them take responsibility – for they are not afraid to give away the very heart and soul of Khmer land and life. There is something wrong with the concept of “Royalist and Communist together” – look around!!! We must act now and just one voice, there is no one Khmer smarter than with all Khmers together.

In the Defense of Our People

The Khmer Krom and Vietnam were created different, like apples and pears. They, the Vietnamese, must recognize and learn how to respect and appreciate these differences. The world wants to discover the way Khmer Krom were before colonization and so the VN communist government must open the whole truth to the world and its own people. The communist VN must know that they can lie to the world; but they cannot hide the true history. It is the Vietnamese communist government responsibility to educate is population the history; so they will learn how to live and respect the indigenous peoples, the original land owner. “In the past decade, there have been numerous wars including the Indo-china and the Vietnam War. Just because we, Khmer Krom, spent our lives those years in silence does not mean we are deaf and blind or that we are defeated.” Now, we are learning and demanding our rights. The communist VN say we are a trouble maker and yet when one thinks about it, what about them? What type of crimes have they committed when they invaded and colonized our homeland, destroy our culture and kill our people? Who is putting Vietnam on trial for attempting to eliminate the Khmer Krom people from the surface of this Earth? Don’t let the light go out We, KKF, appeal and encourage our people inland and around the world to stand up together to fight the VN communist government. It is within our rights to do so and this communist government must respect the Human Rights treaties and the recent adoption on the Rights of Indigenous People, in particular indigenous peoples. Our Khmer people are now stand up together every where around the world to protest against the Vietnamese government. This evil communism is exerting its power to pressure the Cambodian government to cover up their dirty blood coated hands. They hope that Khmer people and Cambodian government will do whatever they told them to do. It is a shameful strategy that they use again our Khmer people for centuries. They hope it will work because of their mad, greedy desire for power. In recent months, we, Khmer people have united. We know how to protect our homeland and we realize the devious behavior and greedy goals toward Khmer land. They claim to be the good neighbor, good friend and help Khmer people from the killing field. But did they ever respect the Paris Peace Agreement? Our Khmer people in Cambodia might not know what is in the mind of this VN communist toward Cambodia; but Khmer Krom knew exactly the plans of the Vietnamese to invade Cambodia after 1975. They never have sympathy for us; driven by the selfish goal of obtaining only our lands and our natural resources and creating havoc and miserable lives for many of us in Cambodia. “Only when the sun rises from the west; then we, Khmer people, should reveal the truth of communist Vietnamese” We must keep our struggle moving forward and stop the invader. T.Thach

KKF Attends Cambodian National Conference in Washington DC

Original report by Voice of America (Khmer) English Translation by SoDa Huu A conference was held on October 20th until Sunday 21st 2007 with representatives from France and other different states in America in order to resolve some issues that could be create more problem regarding Cambodia and its people. On the last day of the conference there are several speaker delivering their speech, in there, Venerable Berong Thach, representative of Khmer-Krom Buddhist monks. In his speech, he spoke about the issue of Khmer-Krom people such as the continued oppression of Vietnam government and authorities toward Khmer-Krom citizens; human rights violation from Hanoi toward Khmer-Krom Buddhist monks and also the issue about defrocked monk, Tim Sakhorn who is currently imprisoned in Vietnam. Following Venerable Berong’s speech, Mr. Sereivuth Prak spoke about the oppression from Vietnam toward Khmer-Krom in detail; and Mr. Mannrinh Tran, member of KKF gave a speech regarding the action and steps that KKF have done internationally. Afterwards, a political discussion was engaged in an attempt to find ways of resolving the problem, steps that are needed to take, and ways of finding better solutions for the future. There are some giving ideas, opinions, and question regarding the issue of if one did not obey Paris Peace Agreement of 1991. The meeting also open for discussion regarding the story of how the violation wrongly done and by whom etc… Dr. Thanh Vihak gave an interview to VOA radio about his observations, ideas and knowledge regarding the issue when he attended the conference. He brought about the important of Paris Peace Agreements on Cambodia of 1991 as a birth certificate of Cambodia and that has been approved internationally and should execute by law to protect the country if any countries violate or take advantage of Cambodia territorial integrity and sovereignty. Ms. Marina Keo, a guest who attended the meeting gave her opinion and support on the issue. She spoke about Vietnam having violated and disobeyed the agreement, and thus should face the law since Vietnam is one of the country who sign the agreement along with eighteen other countries. VOA also conducted an interview with Ms. Nicole Ung, who explained about a letter she prepared to all Senate of United State explaining the issues facing Khmer and Khmer-Krom. The letter seek their support to the resolution that was made by the assembly called House Resolution 3096 and H. RES 506 where United States would stop Aiding to Vietnam if Vietnam did not respect human rights toward Vietnamese citizen [Khmer-Krom] as well as committing crimes toward Cambodia territorial integrity and sovereignty. This included the recent arrest of Cambodian citizen [Ven. Tim Sakhorn] that was deported and imprisoned in Vietnam. During the interview Ms. Ung also brought up her plan to conduct a Starving Protest to grab the attention of American Senate and to wake up all Khmer in general to be conscientious about Cambodia’s sovereignty and violation by other nations toward Khmer as well as helping to demand the release of Ven. Tim Sakhorn from the Vietnamese government.

Letter by Hun Sen Cover Up for Vietnam Says KKF President

Radio Free Asia 8 October 2007 Translated by KKF As a representative of Khmer Kampuchea-Krom Federation (KKF) globally, he’s really disappointed when he heard the news about Prime Minister of Cambodia, Hun Sen sending a letter to former King of Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk regarding the issue of former Khmer Krom monk, Venerable Tim Sakhorn. Mr. Thach Ngoc Thach labels the act of Cambodia government as an action to protect personal friendship rather then protecting or care for their own citizen. The following is an interview of Ms. Serey Roth with Mr. Thach Ngoc Thach. Serey Roth: What do you think about Mr. Hun Sen letter to the King about the accusation toward Mr. Tim Sakhorn who is Khmer Kampuchea-Krom nationality and the refuse to resolve his issue? What is your reaction about Mr. Hun Sen letter? Thach Ngoc Thach: About Mr. Hun Sen letter to the King, I feel that it is really late first of all. Second, this letter is just helping Vietnam getting out of trouble. Vietnam wants everyone to see that Khmer and Khmer having problem toward each other rather than problem with Vietnam. In addition, I believe that Prime Minister Hun Sen is the same as all Khmer citizens in that we are fearful of losing territory rather than losing friendship with Vietnam. But as a result, we see his actions contradict with the concerns of the citizens. With this [letter], we can see that the government have no concern nor does it pay close attention to the citizen or the concern of Cambodia territory and we regret to see this happen. At the same time, I would like appeal to all Cambodia citizens around the world to push and encourage Cambodian government to pay attention concerning the issue of the people as well as paying attention toward the land rather then friendship between Cambodia and Vietnam. As I have mention before, this letter is just letter helping Vietnam getting away with trouble. Serey Roth: What do you plan to do next regarding Mr. Tim Sakhorn issue? Thach Ngoc Thach: Regarding Mr. Tim Sakhorn issue, I believe Vietnamese government will release him shortly as I have mention before. It is because Vietnamese government doesn’t want to receive any pressure from the international that is why they visited Cambodia in regards to the issue to show that it is a problem only in Cambodia not in Vietnam. And Vietnam government in all eras are finding different methods to make Khmer fight with each other and ensuring that that crisis takes place in Cambodia. From this point forward, we will push Vietnamese government to resolve not only the issue of Venerable Tim Sakhorn. In the future, we do not want to see any Cambodia citizen got seize and send to Vietnamese government as well. Vietnam government had violated Cambodian territorial integrity; as a result Cambodian government should remember that Vietnam never respects the friendship that they have with Cambodia. If Vietnam does, Vietnam shouldn’t take the issue of Venerable Tim Sakhorn to resolve and imprison him in Vietnam. From this, Vietnam government should receive such pressure from the international as we have them encourage before at the United Nations. And this 2009, Vietnam government should face United Nation regarding Human Rights violation in Kampuchea-Krom. Source: RFA

Vaguely Worded Security Laws Used to Crush Churches as Degar Man Fasely Accussed of Trying to Overthrow Vietnam

Press Release by the Montagnard Foundation Inc. 4 October 2007 BACKGROUND: The indigenous Degar Montagnard Peoples have suffered decades of persecution by the Vietnamese communist government, namely; confiscation of ancestral lands, Christian religious repression, torture, killings and imprisonment. Hundreds of Degar prisoners have been subjected to beatings and electric shock torture with many were repeatedly beaten to cause deaths from internal injuries. One Degar man named Y-Ngo Adrong was tortured to death on 13 July 2006 – of which the US State Department described as “a credible report of extrajudicial killing by security forces”. Christian House churches remain under attack as Vietnam tries to eliminate them by falsely accusing them of being political crimes. See also: “Degar Montagnard Torture Victims Speaks Out”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOSKDjYPyXU. MFI openly questions Vietnam: How can a Degar Christian man – one person – even attempt to overthrow a government that has hundreds of thousands armed forces in its hand? Further we state we have no intention of overthrowing the government and seek only equality for our people. Further we believe all people both Degar Montagnard and ethnic Vietnamese are equal in the eyes of the lord. We seek a peaceful solution, so why do you – the Vietnamese government persecute us so? On September 30, 2007 at approximately 8 am, two Vietnamese security police named Trung (Vietnamese) and Y-Thin (Degar) went to Buon Emap village and arrested our Christian brother Y-Bien Nie charging him with wanting to overthrow the Vietnamese government and for dividing the Vietnamese people. Our Christian brother, Y-Bien Nie (born 1971) is from Buon Emap village, commune Ea Poc, district Cu Mgar in Daklak province. The two police arrested him and took him to the prison facility in Cu Mgar district where they tortured him by beating him with batons, karate chopping and punching him with their fists. They kicked and stomped on him (wearing heavy army boots) and electric shocked him until he collapsed unconscious. The police then revived him by pouring water on him and recommenced the torture process several more times. The police told Y-Bien they would break his ribs so that he will slowly die of injuries and severe pain after they decide to release him. MFI has a question: Why is it the Vietnamese communist government hates Degar people so much that it treats Degar people this way? On October 1, 2007 Y-Bien’s family members visited him in prison and saw him covered with blood and bruises. His face was swollen he was barely recognizable. His family member cried out in distress unable to do anything but pray that God will comfort him. Y Bien Nie currently remains in custody. THE MONTAGNARD FOUNDATION URGENTLY CALLS ON:

  • Concerned Embassies, the United Nations, the Red Cross and other international humanitarian agencies to urgently find out if Y-Bien is still alive and ensure he receives urgent medical care and is protected from retaliations by Vietnamese authorities.
  • Concerned Embassies, Red Cross and international community urgently demand Vietnam release and account for all Degar Montagnard prisoners including those 350 identified in the Human Rights Watch report of 14 June 2006. http://www.hrw.org/english/docs/2006/06/14/vietna13542.htm
  • The US State Department place Vietnam back on the ‘Country of Particular Concern’ (CPC) the watch list of the most egregious state violators of religious freedom.

The Montagnard Foundation (MFI) pledges peaceful means of advocacy in the spirit of democracy and international cooperation. MFI does not seek independence but prays that all Degar Montagnard people, whether they are Protestant, Catholic or animist will one day live freely as equal citizens within Vietnam.

Vietnam Embassy Says No to Father to Visit Tim Sakhorn

Wednesday, October 3, 2007 Everyday.com.kh Translated from Khmer by Socheata from KI Media Son Chhay: VN allows Monk Tim Sakhorn’s father to meet him SRP MP Son Chhay said on Monday that Vietnam has authorized Monk Tim Sakhorn’s father to visit him in jail in Vietnam. Son Chhay said that he met with Nguyen Van Vu, the advisor of the Vietnamese embassy in Phnom Penh last Friday, and the Vietnamese embassy promised that it will allow Tim Thieng, Monk Tim Sakhorn’s father, to visit his son in jail. However, Trinh Ba Cam, the spokesman of the Vietnamese embassy, said that, according to the Vietnamese law, Monk Tim Sakhorn’s family cannot visit him in jail because he is still under investigation. Trinh Ba Cam said that Monk Tim Sakhorn’s father can visit him only after his sentence. Trinh Ba Cam indicated that Monk Tim Sakhorn is in good health and the news about his torture was an exaggeration.