The Vietnamese communist fear its own shadows

A thought provoking letter by KKF President, Mr. Thach Ngoc Thach We, Khmer-Krom around the globe, have come everywhere today to share our suffering with the world community. We have and continue to see challenges and opportunities for all of us in this new era of globalization. We believe that there is an urgent need for thoughtful and open-minded discussions with the world on how to help Khmer-Krom inland so they will be free from oppression and Human Rights violation. Our campaign and travel around the world on non-violent and peaceful demonstration has been effective in generating greater awareness and concern regarding the behavior and human rights violation committed by Vietnamese communist government. As our campaign gets stronger with support, the communist Vietnamese government has showed their anger by continuing to generate brutalities act against our people including other indigenous peoples. As Khmer Krom people, we have fought for our rights for decades but we were hardly known to the world. Now, we are much more experienced in the world stage and having with the media. Our identities will be more and more known to the world for they will know who we are and for this reason alone, the Hanoi government fears it own shadow. Over the years, we have had to work very hard to uphold our own culture, particularly when it comes to ensuring our Buddhist religion is kept well and alive. We must not let the Vietnamese communist hid our society and our culture from the rest of the world. We firmly believe that the world communities have a role to play in promoting people’s freedom including the ability to choose what they want to read or hear. And we believe that our suffering is important and should not continue to be subjected further by such devious acts. That is why we have been advocating a new international instrument to set our clear non-violent struggle movement and to rise up against such oppression. We believe that the values of solidarity and the new international instrument will let our people free. To win this battle, we must draw from the source of our greatness. Armed with a pure Khmer heart and the true teaching of Buddhism, we will not allow the communist government to use fear and poverty against us. Our greatness strength is to tell the world the truth. We must not allow them to use fear and anger to manipulate or subdue our greatest strength and asset. On behalf of the Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation, we would like to thank our compatriot who has joined and participated in the non-violent demonstrations around the world, in Australia, USA, Cambodia and France. No one can stop us in our determination to protect our nation and no one can eliminate the Khmer-Krom as people when the world knows extactly who Khmer-Krom is. Our greatest success in the movement of human rights realization is when millions of Khmer people in Kampuchea Krom and Cambodia work together to free our people from the communist government and colonization. “Our anger is the enemy want; while our true and compassion are the enemy fears” T.Thach

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