“We appeal for unity”

“We, the Khmer-Krom of Kampuchea Krom insist on the right to be regarded by ourselves and the world as a nation.” The New world like other parts of the world has suffered and experienced colonialism. “We appeal for unity” Today we are inspired by the long tradition struggle of our ancestors, who fought vigorously firstly again the Vietnamese invader, later the France, then Japanese and now Vietnamese colonizer. The legalized robbery of our land in 04/06/1949 was a new form of colonization. We, KKF, declare before the international public opinion:

  1. That the Khmer-Krom, despite the brutal repression we have suffered, killings, torture, imprisonment and exile. Despite the racial and economic discrimination which has grow worse under the communist Hanoi government have not yet recognize their unjust behavior. Our determination to fight is increased and our struggle continues.
  2. We denounce this Hanoi government, which today tries to cover up their inhuman acts by denial and denial. It has carried out imprisonments and torture against whole Khmer-Krom communities. It has murdered many fine men and women and destroyed our environment, culture, tradition, expelling hundreds of thousands Khmer-Krom families from their settlements. It has made sure there was accessibility for Khmer students to study at home or abroad with grants and refused to provide medical attention. Our religion is not free.
  3. We also want to draw the attention of our peoples, all the leaders of the organizations to come together to face the fact the problem of the Khmer-Krom can no longer be considered a wait and see question rather it is a situation of a must do for our people.
  4. The Khmer-Krom understands that although our struggle has certain particular characteristic proper to an indigenous people, it is a fundamentally linked to the struggle of all the Khmer-Krom society. We therefore call for unity from all walks of life, since only through unity can we overcome and destroy the power of the communism and the power of the colonialism. Only unity will lead us to victory and definitive freedom and self-determination.

Finally, we appeal for solidarity with our Khmer, Khmer-Krom who are in Kampuchea Krom, in Cambodia suffering poverty, oppression, human rights abuse, many of them still in prison, but still continuing the struggle. We appeal for solidarity with all the Khmer people around the world. “The communist Vietnam Government does their best to hide the secret agenda; but the KKF do our best to expose their secret agenda to the world.” Thach N Thach